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Once you start collaborating with the Vigiboss Team, you will get instant access to our technology skillset, ready‑to‑use IT infrastructure and mature software development processes. Being a quality-oriented software development company, Vigiboss sets up and continuously maintains high standards of software engineering and implementation.

At Vigiboss, we develop a set of project development models. The process starts with understanding your needs or requirements and developing a prototype that meets our standards of approval. After that, our experienced project manager estimates the time required to develop the software.



Committed to the safety of our facilities and processes, we ensure strict compliance with domestic and international legal regulations, as well as international cyber security and coding standards. Our activities are guided by corporate policies that define the ways of managing business, staff and customer relations.

Code quality

Seeking to achieve code readability, maintainability and testability, we utilize SonarQube and other code quality inspection tools, whilst adhering to source code evaluation and performing manual code reviews.

r & d


Vigiboss picks up emerging innovations, defining their market applicability and capturing potential opportunities for customers’ revenue growth. With that, we continuously improve the way we conduct our day‑to‑day business and enhance our technology skillset.


When producing software, Vigiboss addresses security measures throughout the SDLC, adhering to security standards including HIPAA, and follows commonly accepted Secure Coding Guidelines and continuous security testing.